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Foosball Table



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If you're so hooked on sport that you're getting withdrawal symptoms between sports news, sports practice 7 days a week, the kids saturday morning soccer, saturday night rugby, Sunday morning Sports section in the paper etc etc ... you get the drift - you really need an instant fix method (after all, we do live in the instant, microwave society) to cure all sports cravings. This big boys toy should do the trick. Sporty-ness on hand, 24/7.

Table football is one of those simple, yet eternally addictive games just think of the amount of change you've pumped into them in pubs and arcades over the years. With your own Foosball table, you don't need to worry about how many $1 coins you've got, simply wake up in the morning, the table is there as you wander off to bed at night, the table is there - beckoning. 

This table features solid construction and an attractive, neutral colour scheme.


  • Measures 140(L) x 74(W) x 86(H) cm
  • Weight: approx 60 kg
  • Plastic players on non-telescopic rods
  • Ball return
  • Disc scoring
  • A great way to enjoy a classic pub game at home for an affordable price. Fantastic fun for a boys' night in.

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